Jeremiah’s Last Message

I think we ought to consider the lesson of Jeremiah. There was a cloud of judgment ahead of these people and they were just running toward it as fast as they could. If they would have stopped and considered, they could have turned and gone another way on a route that would have taken them to blessings. Instead they kept running down the road…that was a dead end road that ended in terrible judgment. What about you? What about me? Can we look ahead and see what’s down the road? If I keep thinking the way I have been thinking, if I keep acting the way I have been acting, if I keep doing to my children, to my wife, to my friends or whatever, the way I have always done, where am I going to go? Do I need to change course? Every one of us needs to make adjustments in the path that we walk, so that we can arrive at a place of blessing.

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